Ski touring trip to the Lofoten islands, which is one of the most amazing location in Norway, from an authentic Lofoten ski lodge. Legendary.

Snowy mountains rise straight up, right from the waves. They dig vast fjords punctuated by fishermen’s colorful houses, that give the Lofoten an incredible face. The sublime lights, flamboyant twilights and aurora borealis illuminating the heavens, delicately distill the magic of the place.

Come climb and ski down the magic slopes of the Lofoten Islands, over the polar circle, at the border of the Arctic region. Enjoy an amazing Lofoten ski lodge.

This is a tremendous ski touring travel, for good skiers in a good physical shape.

8 days of trip - 7 days of ski March 12th - 19th 2022

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12 March - 19 March 2022


5 - 8 pax

Ascents +900m

Mountains + sea

Aurora borealis whales

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You will appreciate


- our high mobility to reach the  best spots


- skiing down to the sea


- Aurora Borealis and whales


- a nice lodge


- the local sea food


This week of ski touring in the Lofoten islands in Norway takes place from a nice and cosy Lofoten ski lodge, which is our base. We have at our disposal a van, which leaves us free to go for the best itineraries in the islands of the archipelago. The main islands are all interconnected by a network of bridges and tunnels.
Optional and depending on the conditions, we can do one or more ski days with boat access to isolated islands, such as Stormolla and Litlmolla.

The ascents begin at the level of the sea and thanks to this low altitude it is without much fatigue that one
takes 3 to 5 hours of walking a day for height differences of 600 to 1,000 m. Slopes of
virgin snow with spectacular views take us back through the rocks and forests to the edge of
sea, where the van is waiting for us.

Back at our Lofoten ski lodge, everyone relaxes at their convenience before choosing to dine «at home» or out. We will have the opportunity to go out after skiing in localities such as Svolvær, Henningsvare, or even Reine, to finish in beauty our days of ski touring in the Lofoten islands.


Ski in Lofoten Islands program

Indicative program for our ski in Lofoten trip to Norway,

subject to change.

Dates:  2022 Saturday 12th to Saturday 19th of March
Plan to arrive in Oslo the night before to take the Sunday morning plane

Day 1 (Sunday): Flight Oslo / Bodø / Svolvaer.

Transfer from the airport, installation at our Lofoten ski lodge.
After a quick snack, first short hike to check the handling of the material (in case of problem it will be possible to fix it in town on the next day). Dinner in town and overnight at the hotel.

Day 2 (Monday): After breakfast at our nice Lofoten ski lodge, departure in the morning for a hike and ski. Back in the late afternoon we'll have a relaxing time on the harbor of Svolvær.

Days 3 to 8 (Tuesday - Saturday): We will perform 6 days of ski touring in different fjords and on different islands.
The routes are chosen each morning according to the weather, ice at sea, conditions of snow and the shape and desires of the skiers. Skiing in Lofoten means elevations 600 to 1000 m, 3 to 5 hours of hiking per day.

Day 9 (Sunday): Morning at Svolvær, then flight back to Oslo and other connections.

Appointment at the beginning of your stay: Sunday 21st of March at the Svolvaer airport, from the flight from Oslo to Svolvær via Bodø. Depending on your departure airport, it may be necessary to arrive the night before in Oslo.
Return: Flight Svolvaer / Bodø / Oslo, then further connections to your final destination.

Number of days of travel: 8
Number of days of skiing: 7
Technical level: 3/5 in skinning and off-piste experience
Physical level: 3/5 capable of moderate effort for several hours
Number of participants: maximum 2 groups of 8 people + 2 guides

PRICE: € 3 200 per person

INCLUDED in our ski in Lofoten package to Norway :

Hotel, guide/instructor, vehicle, breakfast, lunch (picnincs), ABS® airbags.


NOT INCLUDED in our ski in Lofoten package to Norway :

Air flights, insurances, dinners, lunchs at restaurants, drinks, ski and personal equipment, tips.

Approximately € 500 for Oslo-Svolvær flights via Bodø,

plus about € 200 for flights to Oslo from major European

cities. Provide 2 bags (travel bag + ski bag).
Warning: use Oslo Gardermoen Airport, otherwise plan
a margin of time for transfers.
Contact us if you wish to include the flight Oslo-Svolvær

in your ski in Lofoten trip to Norway package.